Project Details


Product Animation


3D Studio Max, Mental Ray, After Effects, Photoshop


Coleman Smith


Cesari Direct, Hunter Fan Company

At first glance, you can hardly tell that this is 3D Animation for direct marketing. You have natural looking laminated floors, and a detailed air-purifying machine in front of a realistic looking wall. As soon as the viewpoint zooms in, the customer is educated and sold on the benefits of a Hunter™ Air Purifier.
The customer can literally see their allergens, along with disease causing germs, get captured in this machine. They can see how this product keeps them healthy. At the end, it makes a clear call to action – where anyone can call the number and start breathing cleaner air by owning an air purifier.
We can put this type of animation to work for your business – influencing your customers, students, and other decision makers.
Every product can benefit from a visual demonstration, yet some concepts are difficult to see without 3 d animation to illustrate behind the scenes actions and events that occur at the microscopic level.
At Starfire, we provide training animation, logo animation, and educational graphics, ensuring the highest response and retention rate for your audience. There is no better way to visually communicate information than by contacting us and telling us what you want to make.
Whether your graphics needs are several seconds long, or much longer, we can turn any idea you have and make it a visual reality. From there, you are free to use it to educate, entertain, and sell.
These videos have been used to illustrate plumbing systems, environmental issues, medical devices, human anatomy, and mechanical processes of different sizes and types. A medium like 3d animation has fewer limits than any other medium you could choose.
Contact us today to tell us your direct marketing ideas. In a matter of days you can have an effective commercial, infomercial, online video, or training presentation.