Project Details


Product Animation


3D Studio Max, Mental Ray, After Effects, Photoshop


Coleman Smith


Teeter Hang Ups

A 3D video can easily explain complex processes so they don’t interfere with the product, service, or points you are trying to communicate to your audience.
This is a video that explains inversion therapy through a product – the Teeter Hang-ups® Vibration Cushion.
It uses a simple background with the product displayed in the center. After the logo disappears, a voice narrates how a person would use the Vibration Cushion. It emphasizes detail in muscle movements, the mechanical operation of the product, and the way a person can use a remote to proceed through the inversion therapy.
Note that we can make any object in the video transparent to illustrate what is going on behind or underneath, as we do at 0:18. Whether you’re teaching or selling, this type of health animation will get your point across by only showing what needs to be shown. No more, no less.
By the video’s end, you can see how a 3d animation medical demonstration can be made to demonstrate any process you desire.
Do you have a medical product you wish to sell to hospitals or clinics? What about an informative service that you want to tell your customers about? If you do, contact us and tell us what you want your audience to see.
Your very own 3d health animation can be made and delivered in a matter of days.
Don’t have a medical product? No problem. Tell us what you want to illustrate and our graphic designers will make your vision a reality.