Project Details


Product Animation


3D Studio Max, Mental Ray, After Effects, Photoshop


Coleman Smith


Cesari Direct, Rug Doctor Company

This carpet cleaning video is a prime example. Not everyone knows exactly how a vacuum cleaner works, or how carpet can be cleaned easily. In 14 seconds, the video shows how the vacuum cleaner brushes aside the intertwined fibers of rugs and carpets, pressure washing and freeing the debris from beneath the surface.
If all you do is use words to explain this, there’s a high chance your message will be forgotten. This requires you to explain the process again, making training a further drain on your time and resources.
A salesperson can easily describe a process like this to customers after watching this video, making it easier to sell the ‘Rug Doctor’. It also helps customers by allowing them to see how the machine works. They now know that in a small amount of time, they too can have perfectly clean rugs and carpets.
Is there a process your salespeople, customers, or students have trouble understanding? To understand something enough to explain it to others, there are few methods more effective than training animation. Unlike live video, animation can show only the factors that matter in your training course, and display behind the scenes operations that would be difficult to capture with film.
Training animation helps students score higher on tests, and simplifies concepts to the point where people can spread your ideas to others. It helps people remember your message and motivates them to buy more from you.
When training animation can do that much in 14-seconds, it is one of the most affordable ways to communicate your message. Of course, we also make advertisements and logos for your business. All you have to do is ask.
Contact us today, and tell us your idea. We can develop that idea, making it one of your most powerful training and selling tools. StarFire Animation is your best choice for smart training animation.