Project Details


Product Animation


3D Studio Max, Mental Ray, After Effects, Photoshop


Coleman Smith


Cesari Direct

Starfire Animation is a 3d and 2d animation studio capable of making body animated videos for direct sales, infomercials, training, and advertisements.
In a non-animated video, it is more difficult to illustrate complex procedures. The backgrounds, objects on the set, and various movements all compete for the attention of your audience. This distracts them away from the points you are trying to communicate. Medical animation is clearly the way to go if you want to avoid clutter in your presentations.
In this video, we show the relationship between seating posture and back health. We constantly show the spine inside the female body as she moves from a standing to a sitting position. No other medium can show this relation in real-time like 3d medical animation.
We communicate a clear difference in posture, muscle activation, and circulation inside the body between using a BackJoy chair accessory and sitting in a traditional office chair. By the end of the body animation, the customer is wondering just how much better their life will be by doing their work in a Backjoy.
It is important to note that without this video, the customer may be confused as to how the BackJoy is truly beneficial to them. Rather than simply saying ‘It Improves Circulation’, the people marketing this product made the smart move to show it in a medical animation video.
If you have a product to sell, it will sell better when your message can be communicated visually. Our animated videos can show direct relations between different processes that could never be explained in 30-seconds.
While this medium has a clear impact on sales response, it can also do wonders for any training and educational presentation. Students retain more information about a subject when it is communicated to them visually. Our 3d graphics is one of the most effective, affordable ways to make your video.
What ideas do you have? Contact us today and see how you can turn your vision into reality. From there, you can send it to thousands of people who will understand the value of your product.