Project Details


Product Animation


3D Studio Max, Mental Ray, Particle Flow, After Effects, Photoshop


Coleman Smith


NuvoH20, Cesari Direct

This video takes a microscopic chemical bonding process and makes it not only easy to understand, but presents it so that any audience can take action based upon what they see.
Some commercial products and services are more difficult to explain without showing a video example. When people see how something works, they understand better, and are more comfortable becoming clients.
Video isn’t easy. It usually takes a skilled director, location scouting, finding cast members, and more. Sounds, scheduling conflicts, and accidents often require excessive shooting and editing times, skyrocketing the production budget beyond your means. If you’re showing something complex like a chemical reaction, you will also need an expensive camera or a high special effects budget.
Not so with 3d computer animation.
No matter where you are in the world, our Washington-based animation studio can make whatever you want, with none of the costs associated with shooting real-life video. This cuts down your production costs, and boosts your response rate in Advertisement, Infomercials, and Direct Response Commercials.
Whether you have simple needs, like a plain background with one or two objects in motion, or a complex simulation like this video, our talented team of designers can make it happen.
Computer animation is also effective as a teaching aid. In any presentation, visuals will increase learning, help students focus on the right parts of the lesson, and raise scores in any comprehensive exam. While this medium is useful in any subject, it is especially helpful teaching abstract concepts and hard-to-see subjects like mathematics, physics, metaphysics, geology, historical events, anatomy and physiology, philosophy, and more.
When you use commercial animation to educate, you are using the same technology that direct response firms use to sell millions of dollars worth of products. If it works for them, it will work for your students, whether they are children or working professionals who have to make decisions about world-changing issues.
What kind of ideas do you want to create?
Contact us today to find out how easy it is to turn complex topics into simple visuals – visuals so simple that people can watch your animations and make a buying decision in favor of your products and ideas.